Tuesday, August 3, 2010

She's Gone

My wonderful Mother-in-Law died Sunday August 1st at 4:14 PM. My Father-in-Law had called and said she wasn't doing well. We had hoped to get over there before she passed but were unsuccessful. However, I knew her time was coming very very quickly. I had had a very special sacred experience that happened about a week ago, so I knew her time was short. (Unfortunately it is too sacred and near and dear to my heart to express it in a blogpage.) After that experience, I immediately went to her to say my "Goodbyes" and to let her know how much I loved and appreciated all she did for us over the years.

Justin and Lyra and Little Beautiful Reagan will be here on the 15th, I was hoping she could hang on to see them, but that was not to be.

I hope Michael is already teaching her "The Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ". I know he was taken to do a work he was unable to do while on this Earth.

Goodbye Barbara....till we meet again.